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CNS-206 Implementing Citrix NetScaler 10 Citrix Netscalar Training In Hyderabad - Kolkata

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Introducing and deploying Citrix NetScaler

Introduction to the NetScaler system
Planning a NetScaler deployment
Deployment scenarios
NetScaler platform and product editions
Product features
Hardware platforms and components
NetScaler architecture overview
Initial NetScaler access
NetScaler-owned IP addresses
NetScaler modes
Network address translation
Virtual local area networks
Link Aggregation
Internet Control Message Protocol
Path MTU discovery
Dynamic routing support and route health injection

Configuring high availability

Introduction to high availability
High availability node configuration
Propagation and synchronization
High availability management

Securing the NetScaler system

NetScaler system communication
Access control lists

Configuring load balancing

Load-balancing process
Entity management
Load-balancing traffic types
Service monitoring
Load-balancing topology, methods, and additional options
Advanced load balancing methods
Link load balancing
Custom load
Load monitor process
Service and virtual server management
Load Balancing Visualizer

Configuring SSL offload

SSL and digital certificates
SSL concepts
SSL offload overview
Offload performance
SSL administration and deployment decisions
Deployment scenarios
Configuring SSL offload
Creating an SSL virtual server
Advanced SSL settings

Configuring Global Server Load Balancing

GSLB concepts
Metric exchange protocol
GSLB DNS methods
GSLB persistence
Configuring DNS virtual servers
GSLB configuration
Implementing traditional GSLB, proximity-based GSLB, and GSLB failover for disaster recovery
GSLB entity relationship
GSLB site communication example

Using AppExpert Classic to optimize traffic

Policy overview and basics
Hypertext Transfer Protocol
Expression structures
Content filtering
Introduction to compression

Using AppExpert for responder, rewrite, and URL transform

Understanding the packet processing flow
Understanding bind points
Using pattern sets
Rewrite, responder, and URL transformation overview
Identifying packet processing flow
Basic configurations: policies and actions
Configuring rewrite actions
Rewrite policies
Responder actions and policies
Configuring URL transformation

Using AppExpert for content switching

Introduction to content switching
Configuring content-switching virtual servers
Rule-based policy example

Using AppExpert Advanced to optimize traffic

Compression with advanced policy expressions
Integrated caching
Cache policies and cache expressions
Graceful cache configuration changes
Cache content groups and aging
Content group settings
Global cache attributes
Caching management
AppExpert templates
Policy-based routing


Simple Network Management Protocol
Reporting and monitoring tools
Auditing and logging
Configuring an auditing server
Global auditing parameters
Configuring auditing policies
NetScaler log management
Replacing a high availability node
Upgrading as a standalone NetScaler system
Upgrading a high availability pair
Password recovery
Network traffic capture using NSTCPDUMP
TCPDUMP options and filter expressions
Network traffic capture using NSTRACE.SH
NSTRACE options and filter expressions
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